Happy Birthday Alabama!

Alabama Bicentennial In 2019 the Alabama African American History Calendar Committee joined forces with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission to create “The Future Emerges from the Past - Celebrating 200 Years of Alabama African American History and Culture” heritage book. Very similar to the History Calendar, this book highlights many, but by no means all, Alabamians of African descent who have made extraordinary contributions to our state, country, and the world. However, the Heritage Book goes deeper into Alabama African American history by including timelines, places, and events that created our state’s vivid saga. In creating this work, the History Calendar Committee and the Bicentennial Alabama African American Heritage Committee’s goal was to illuminate how African Americans not only shaped Alabama history but also inspired global movements. The Heritage Book is the committees’ gift to our youth and future generations and a reminder that their future emerges from our present.




Read the Foreward by Dr. Wayne Flynt


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