Letter from AT&T State President

FOR EIGHT YEARS, AT&T HAS PRODUCED the Alabama African American History Calendar to honor individuals that have excelled in various occupations, spear-headed civic and social movements and dedicated their time and resources to improve the quality of life in our communities.  AT&T remains committed to serving our communities through projects such as this calendar, while continuing to evolve and enhance our existing wireline and wireless networks. This evolution prepares the AT&T networks for the technol­ogies of the future — including 5G, smart cities, Fixed Wireless Internet (FWI), and new developments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

THE INDIVIDUALS FEATURED in the Alabama African American History Calendar are shining role models for all of us. As in previ­ous calendars, the 2018 calendar is a testimonial to the strength, hard work, and dedication of the people featured. We hope their stories will inspire the children of Alabama and you. Over the years, the calendar has grown from an educational and inspirational resource created for Alabamians to a resource for peo­ple across the globe.

A SPECIAL THANKS to our partners for their contributions.



Fred McCallum
AT&T Alabama


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