Letter from the State President

marks the seventh year AT&T has highlighted the achievements of 12 remarkable Alabamians. With this calendar, 84 African Americans have been honored and we have only scratched the surface. Throughout the years, the calendar has recognized an astronaut, civil rights activists, entrepreneurs, physicians, athletes, educators, rocket scientists, politicians, and the list goes on and on and on. Alabama’s heritage is full of ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary feats. Our goal for the History Calendar is simple….to motivate the next generation – our future – to continue Alabama’s great legacy of accomplishments.

FOR NEARLY 140 YEARS, AT&T has maintained a commitment to advancing education, connecting and strengthening our communities and improving the lives of our customers and employees across Alabama. As part of this commitment, AT&T is adopting broader external benchmarks on high school graduation and career readiness. For all the hours, expertise and dollars invested, success will be clear when nine out of 10 U.S. students graduate from high school, and when more workers come to their jobs prepared with the skills they need to flourish. To help achieve these goals, we plan to complete our investment of an additional $250 million in 2017 across the nation to drive innovation in education, support effective local programs, and create collective impact. So, as we celebrate those who have shaped our present, we look with excitement to our future.

A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OF OUR PARTNERS AND VOLUNTEERS for their support and commitment to making the History Calendar a resource that encourages and inspires us all.



Fred McCallum
AT&T Alabama

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