AT&T State President's Letter

Letter from the AT&T President

AT&T AlabamaAT&T has maintained a commitment to advancing education, connecting and strengthening our communities, and improving the lives of our customers and employees across Alabama for nearly 140 years. An important part of strengthening our communities is supporting and celebrating the contributions of those remarkable people who make our State and nation great.

In this book, The Future Emerges from the Past, prepared to commemorate Alabama’s Bicentennial, more than 100 African Americans are honored. While this only scratches the surface, we proudly recognize astronauts, civil rights activists, inventors, entrepreneurs, physicians, Olympians, educators, rocket scientists, policy makers, and the list goes on and on and on. Alabama’s heritage is truly full of ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary feats.

AT&T is proud to collaborate with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and recognize 200 years of Alabama African American history and culture. Our goal is simple . . . to celebrate past achievements and motivate the next generation – our future – to continue Alabama’s great legacy of accomplishments. Special thanks to the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and all who have contributed to the publication of AT&T’s Alabama African American History Calendars over the last eight years and The Future Emerges from the Past, resources and learning tools that encourage and inspire us all.

It is not enough though to simply celebrate the past. We must also contribute to the future. AT&T has a strong legacy of working with organizations focused on empowering our diverse communities in Alabama and across our nation, especially when it comes to education and providing increased resources to help conquer academic disparities.

Alabama is full of natural diversity. However, it is our cultural diversity and how we work together that makes our State great. As we celebrate Alabama’s Bicentennial by highlighting the immeasurable achievements of African Americans who have contributed to our rich heritage, let us look to our future and continue to draw strength by embracing diversity. Indeed, our future emerges from our past.

C. Wayne Hutchens
President, AT&T Alabama


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