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Chapter 8 Overview


The New Frontier-Modern Day History & History MakersThe New Modern Day Frontier: History & History Makers

By Glyn Agnew

In previous chapters, we highlighted many trailblazers who gave their time, resources, and sometimes their lives to lay the foundation for the next generation, while never fully reaping the benefits of their work.  The New Frontier chapter includes modern day role models who emerged from the sacrifices and achievements of these past trailblazers.

Many of the New Frontier icons and unsung heroes could not be included in this chapter because of the sheer number.  However, be assured that every New Frontier trailblazer, whether included here or not, has accepted the challenge and continues to be the torchbearers, removing obstacles and paving the way for each of us to reach our full potential.

Unlike other chapters in this book, the New Frontier chapter only highlights the achievements of individuals and does not focus on any specific cultural or historic event.  From Ms. Jeanette Scissum, a NASA scientist who helped land a man on the moon, to Mr. Isaac White, Sr., a neighborhood barber who taught and mentored hundreds of young men and women providing them a path to self-sufficiency, all of these individuals have one thing in common: they all positively impacted our state.  The writers of this chapter make one request.  If you have the opportunity to meet a modern day trailblazer, thank them for continuing to clear the path and making it easier for everyone to traverse.

In this chapter, the future is emerging from the recent past and present.

Chapter 8 overview from The Future Emerges from the Past, Celebrating 200 Years of Alabama African American History & Culture.
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