September 2017



Sep 1 Halle Tanner Dillion Johnson becomes first woman of any race to practice medicine in Alabama, 1891.
Sep 2 Joseph Hatchett, becomes first African American Supreme Court justice in FL, 1975.
Sep 3 Dorothy Maynor, concert soprano and founder of the Harlem School of Arts, was born in Norfolk, Virginia, 1910.
Sep 4 Lewis Howard Latimer, draftsman and hall of fame inventor, was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, 1848.
Sep 5 Claudette Colvin, civil rights pioneer, arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat on March 2, 1955, was born in Montgomery, AL, 1939.
Sep 6 Lee Roy Young, Jr. became the first African American Texas Ranger in the police force’s 165-year history, 1988.
Sep 7 Earl Manigault, street basketball player known as “The Goat,” was born in Charleston, South Carolina, 1944.
Sep 8 Ruby Bridges Hall, first African American to desegregate a southern elementary school, was born in Tylertown, MS, 1954.
Sep 9 Sonia Sanchez, poet and playwright, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, 1934.
Sep 10 Hoyt William Fuller, editor, critic and leading figure in the Black Arts Movement, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, 1923.
Sep 11 James Charles Evers, first African American elected mayor of a MS city since Reconstruction, was born in Decatur, MS, 1922.
Sep 12 Mae Carol Jemison becomes first African American woman to travel in space, 1992.
Sep 13 Nell Carter, singer and film, stage, and television actress, was born Nell Ruth Hardy in Birmingham, Alabama, 1948.
Sep 14 Prince Hall, the founder of “Black Freemasonry,” was born (approximate birth date), 1735.
Sep 15 The 16th Street Baptist Church bombed in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.
Sep 16 Frederick McKinley Jones became the first African American awarded the National Medal of Technology, 1991.
Sep 17 Vanessa Williams becomes first African American woman named Miss America, 1983.
Sep 18 Booker T. Washington delivered his “Atlanta Compromise” speech at the Cotton States and International Expo in Atlanta, GA, 1895.
Sep 19 The first International Congress of Black Writers and Artists was convened at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, 1956.
Sep 20 Charles Howard Wright, physician, author and museum founder, was born in Dothan, Alabama, 1918.
Sep 21 Clifford Leopold Alexander, Jr., lawyer, businessman and the first African American Secretary of the Army, was born in New York City, 1933.
Sep 22 The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) ordered an end to segregation on interstate transportation and within transportation facilities, 1961.
Sep 23 Nancy Green, born a slave, one of the first African Americans hired to promote a corporate trademark “Aunt Jemima”, died, 1923.
Sep 24 Executive Order 11246 was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson requiring equal employment opportunity, 1965.
Sep 25 William Craft, subject of “Running…; or, the Escape of William and Ellen Craft from Slavery”, was born in Macon, GA, 1824.
Sep 26 William Levi Dawson, professor, choir director, and composer, was born in Anniston, Alabama, 1899.
Sep 27 Donald Cortez Cornelius, television show host and producer (Soul Train), was born in Chicago, Illinois, 1936.
Sep 28 The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, 1895.
Sep 29 The Committee on Urban Conditions Among Negroes (The National Urban League) founded in New York City, 1910.
Sep 30 Charles Sylvan “Cholly” Atkins, dancer and Tony Award winning choreographer, was born in Pratt City, Alabama, 1913.
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