LaDarius Carter

Ladarius Carter is a rising senior enrolled in Stillman College located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. LaDarius is also an integral member of the Stillman College Men’s basketball team. He has shown his ability to multi-task as a student athlete by maintaining a 3.0 grade point average in his major, Criminal Justice. As a student athlete, LaDarius is seen as a leader on campus who leads by example both on and off the court.

LaDarius is a native of York, Alabama located in Alabama’s Black Belt Region. His desire is to return to his hometown upon graduation from college and serve as a role model for the youth in the area. His leadership skills and knowledge of his community will allow him opportunities to assist others in his community to reach new heights and reverse negative trends in the areas of poverty, the local economy, and the overall living conditions of citizens in his community.

LaDarius’ athletic pursuit is to play professional basketball. Fortunately, he has a solid foundation with his academic performance that will allow him to reach new horizons in his life outside of basketball. LaDarius’s goal of helping his community is commendable and should serve as a model for other young people in their communities.

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